What is alcoholism

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a disease caused by compulsive abuse of alcohol, which can have serious consequences disorders and even inherited, such as nervous system diseases.

This is a disease (as without doubt, is an established condition as a disease), most widespread in the world. Independent countries, social classes and ages. Yes, that alcoholism, which includes people passing from adolescence to adulthood and affects men and women. What if it should be clear, is that the rate of alcoholism is higher in men than in women, but that does not exclude the female disease.

Alcoholism is a condition which is formed by the habit of drinking alcohol. Yes, because many alcoholics start out as social drinkers, that is, begin drinking to calm down and relax at social events. There are also those who do it to escape reality, or rather, to distract themselves from unhappy situations or feelings of depression.

There are certain keys to identify behaviors that may lead to developing this condition. Those who require compulsive buying alcohol, so it does not end in the evening or weekend, be concerned. Similarly, if you repeatedly purchase alcohol in liquor stores or other establishments, not to draw attention socially, it is more likely to be suffering from alcoholism, because unconsciously, is not to be found in that conduct. Also, if alcohol is hidden in different places in the house, never to be seen drinking. If you need to be constantly drinking, feel happy or comfortable, well, these are clear signs of being in front of a case of alcoholism. One of the major problems of any addictive disease is denial. So maybe someone is experiencing one of these boxes, but will tend to deny, thereby, the recovery will be more and more distant, until the situation is out of hand or something serious come to pass.

We must make it clear that consumption “moderate” drinking is not a negative condition. Moreover, several studies and research that support the consumption of two glasses of wine, because of the antioxidant beverage that contributes to the body. In addition, moderate consumption of whiskey, can be used to prevent cardiovascular problems, through its action in the bloodstream of humans.

Alcoholism is a disease that can produce serious health problems of a human being. Boxes as severe hypertension, fatty liver, cirrhosis, multiple and even death of the alcoholic. Also, alcohol can lead to a person in a deep state of drunkenness, to commit serious acts that interfere, against other people. Many of the violent crimes and murders carried out in a year, have the condition, high alcohol intake, by the murderer. Similarly, alcoholism or heavy alcohol consumption, coupled with driving a car, is the ideal mix for the misfortune and accidents.

Although alcoholism can not be established solely by measuring the amount of alcohol that a person eats, if you can take certain references. A man may suffer from alcoholism as they drink more than five glasses a day or more than 35 glasses a week (sort of like an average of 40 grams of alcohol). For women, the dose is slightly lower, around 25 grams a day.

Besides the impact on the body of the alcoholic, this disease has serious social consequences such as job loss, and the respect and appreciation of friends and family. It is therefore, that against alcoholism, seek help as soon as a specialist in the field. For common treatment is a combination of psychotherapy with a drug to control withdrawal symptoms (eg benzodiazepines). In some cases drugs are used to generate a rejection of alcohol such as disulfiram, which generate unpleasant physical reactions when ingesting alcoholic beverages. They are also used therapies and group dynamics as in the case of known center of Alcoholics Anonymous (in English Alcoholic anonymous, founded in America in the years 30) and the Association of Former Spanish Alcoholics. In some cases drugs are used to generate a rejection of alcohol such as disulfiram, which generate unpleasant physical reactions when ingesting alcoholic beverages. The good news is that recovery from alcoholism is possible.